How To Get Results from Your Marketing in 2021!

It’s never too early to start working on your marketing strategy for 2021. Let’s be honest, if we don’t start working on it now, the chances of it happening before January 1st are pretty slim… In case you needed the reminder, that’s less than 2 months away!

We’re all about being prepared & organised here at The Island Creative when it comes to marketing, and having a clear plan/strategy to follow for the next 12 months makes a hell of a difference to your marketing success throughout the year, as well as saving you a heap of time throughout the year.

With an increasing number of your customers spending more time online, it’s pretty clear that your business needs to be visible in the digital world. Getting in front of the right people, speaking your target audience's language, and gaining their attention in an extremely ‘noisy’ marketplace requires a plan and well thought out strategy.

So, what’s your plan? Don’t have one? Let’s work through developing one right now (or save it to do later). Below we will work through defining your goals, determining who your target audience is and what strategies you will use to connect with them this coming year.

What Is The Point Of A Marketing Strategy?

We’re glad you asked! Overall your marketing strategy is the big picture stuff. A good marketing strategy will analyse past efforts & results, outline the business goals for the year, determine key dates over the next 12 months, narrow down on your target audience, and determine what strategies you will use to achieve your goals.

When you have a marketing strategy planned out at the beginning of the year, it will give you and your team a clear direction of where the business is planning to go over the next 12 months, how your marketing is tied into that, what actions need to be taken, and who’s responsible for making it happen.

If you’re sick of posting on social media without any real intention, never really seeing any results for your marketing efforts, and always chasing your tail to keep your marketing up to date, you need a marketing strategy!

Step One: Look To The Past To Get Ahead

There’s no need to guess what your audience likes and dislikes, because you may already have the proof right in front of you. Take a look back on the last year of your marketing, what worked really well, what was an absolute flop, what do your customers seem to engage with the most, what gets no reactions, when do they click to see more, when do they keep scrolling, etc.

By knowing what works well you can develop your marketing strategy to focus more on that content, and stop wasting time or money on the content that isn’t generating engagement or action from your customers.