6 Ways To Get Your Customers To Do Your Marketing For You

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Did you know your customers can be your most influential marketing resource? Before the rise of social media, relying on your customers to spread your business via word of mouth was unpredictable and almost impossible to track its effectiveness. Nowadays with the growth of online marketing and social media use, using your customers to do your marketing for your business is much easier and super effective!

Why wouldn’t you use the voice of the people who love your brand & services/products the most to do your marketing for you? If you’re not leveraging your customers enough to do this, read on because we have 6 ways for you to get your customers to do your marketing for you.

Make Your Brand Authentic

Building your brand and making it authentic is the first step to getting your customers to work with you. Help your customers see what makes you different from your competitors. What’s your point of difference and why should your customers want to do business with you rather than your competition? Subtly highlight your points of difference in your marketing activities and slowly your customers will gravitate towards your brand more than the others.

Prioritising authenticity is absolutely crucial. 9 in 10 millennials say they prefer ‘real and organic’ over ‘perfect and packaged’. Your customers are asking for you to be more real, more you and to drop the perfection. This year, your marketing needs to be more focussed at authenticity; drop the generic post captions, speak from the heart, tell your customers what matters to you, share your behind the scenes, show them that you are a real human being and enjoy being more natural through your marketing.

With a strong and authentic brand, you can begin leveraging your customers and using them as part of your marketing strategy. Don’t be afraid to be you, the right people will love it!

Referral Programs

Do you have loyal customers who rave about your business to you? Why not encourage them to rave about your business to the rest of the world too? And while you’re at it - reward them for it, so they keep doing it!

Referral programs can be as simple or complex as you make them. Have you ever used Airbnb? They have a great referral program! You can share the app with your friends and family and when one of them makes an Airbnb booking using your referral code, you get a credit to your account to use the next time you make a booking. What an awesome way for a business to encourage its customers to share their business with their friends and family!

There are lots of different ways you can implement a referral program into your business. You could shout them a coffee at your local cafe, you could buy them a massage, send them a card with cinema tickets, they could get a discount on their next order, you can offer them a free additional service, or… simply calling the customer and thanking them for the referral can mean just as much too!

Get Influencers/Brand Representatives on Board

Speaking of referral systems, brand influencers or representatives are the new age referral program! Influencers have a large fan base of people who are genuinely interested in what they say and trust their opinion. When an influencer shares your product or service, their followers will want it too, so they can be more aligned with the lifestyle of their much loved and trusted influencer.

Rather than you trying to sell your product or service to a new group of customers who don’t know you, why not leave it up to the people who already have an audience of trusting and loyal followers?

It’s important to ensure you always work with influencers who align with your business. This is why using someone who has already been a customer in the past works so well; they know your business, they use your product/service and their followers will most likely be a similar demographic to them which means you are targeting the right audience!

Encourage Testimonials/Reviews

Encouraging your customers and clients to share feedback and review your business is a great way to build brand trust online. Think about it, how often do you read reviews on a business before engaging with them?

Having a positive set of reviews on your business helps to build a trustworthy image and credibility in your industry. People trust consumers! In fact:

70% of people say they rely on consumer opinions to make a purchase decision.

What does this mean?

Potential customers are far more influenced by real people than they are by your advertisements or branded messages.

Not only can these reviews make a huge impact on your online marketing and brand growth, but you can also use them as testimonials on your website to demonstrate trustworthiness and credibility.

User-Generated Content

Are you struggling to get enough content to use on your social media or want to change things up a bit? User-generated content is where it’s at!

Find a creative way to encourage your customers to share content on social media related to your business, whether it’s ‘checking in’ at your location or sharing a photo of your product and tagging your business in it. Not only will this provide you with content to use in the future, but it's also getting your customers to do your social media marketing for you, reaching an audience you wouldn’t normally be able to reach yourself.

You may need to create some sort of incentive to encourage them to get involved, but after time your audience will follow along and want to be involved i