A BIG Island Creative welcome to JAZ!

I have needed to add another designer to the team for ages, and after many discussion with Jasmin, who I have known for almost 8 years, I decided to ask her if she would come on board.

Jaz is still learning, but is more than capable of tackling jobs big and small! She is brimming with talent and creativity and already smashing out some great work!

Jaz is located in WA, so I am thrilled that we have been able to branch out to the big Island! if you are located in the west and you would like to speak with someone, in person, about your website needs, send us an email and we can schedule a time.

We have over 60 clients on the books now, so you will hear from Jaz from time to time as inbetween new clients, she will be helping me look after you all :)

Exciting times here at The Island Creative!

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