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As a small business owner, Erica has experienced all of the struggles other small to medium sized businesses have when trying to build their business. It can be really difficult to see the forest when your daily tasks involve all the trees. It can also be daunting to delegate areas of the business that feel like they should be in your control. When she established her business in 2011, to simply help businesses in her local small town in Tasmania to have a functioning website, it was hard to predict the incredibly massive impact that social media would have on the world of business, and how vital it was to treat this new way of marketing with a level of importance never seen before.

After several years building websites, it became clear there was a need for social media assistance and her small business grew as Kristy came on board, followed by Maddie, two dynamic women with extensive experience themselves in growing and marketing businesses. Along with our knowledgeable admin staff, we've summond a dream team.

Kicking goals by combining a website and a targeted online marketing plan is not just our job, but roles we live and breathe. Our passion is evident in our inability to discuss anything else, much to the despair of our families.

When you work with us, you not only get a dedicated project manager, but a team of staff who work collaboratively on fresh ideas for you and your business.

Our Packages

We've combined all of our skills into one neat box full of everything you need to kick start or refresh your business. Huge amounts of time and effort have gone into The Branding Box, we wanted to ensure you walk away feeling confident in your amazing business and ready to take on the world.

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